Horse Head Sculpture "Equo"
Nobility, strength, loyalty and elegance are some of the qualities we see represented in Equo, a remarkable and complex crystal sculpture. Horse Head Sculpture:  Material: Crystal 30% Type: Sculpture Style: Contemporary Dimensions: Height 275 mm, Width 265 mm, Weight - 9 kg.  Series: Equo...
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Bookend "Library"
A sculpture created to crystallize this special moment of evasion, which is leafing through a book, and to give a shimmering effect to any library or any other space in the house. Two materials of great nobility were used to...
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BUBBLES Bookend, 1 pc
Weighty in appearance and yet visually so airy, reminding one of the thought bubbles, the ten connected silver balls become a BUBBLES bookend. Whether it’s Tolstoy, Shakespeare, or Lindgren - BUBBLES’ polished exterior lets collected literature shine invitingly. Single or...
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A PACHYDERM FOR LITERARY HEAVYWEIGHTS Do you love books, good design and a charming wink? Then the ELEPHANT bookend is made for you. Because it is a real eye-catcher for every shelf and at the same time provides support for beloved browsers....
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