Stanislas Urn "Horse" / Limited Edition Of 50
Maison Daum presents Stanislavs urn, a beautiful depiction of mythical horses. Daum spiritual horses reflect a noble and proud character. Limited edition of 50 pieces Stanislas Urn (Vase) :  Material: Crystal Glass Color:  Grey / Amber   Dimensions: Height 870 mm, Length 510 mm, Width...
  • Grey
  • Amber
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Eagle Prestige Sculpture "Animal Sculpture"
Known and recognized on the international scene for her sculptures of birds, Madeleine van der Knoop observes her subject in great detail before making a sketch of her work, where movement occupies a primordial dimension. A sumptuous piece in crystal paste was...
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Large Wild Blue Panther Sculpture "Animal Sculpture"
Cut with facets like a diamond, his sculptures for him express the fierce power, speed and ferocity that are part of the “Born Wild” concept. Limited edition of 8 Large Wild Panther Sculpture:  Material: Crystal Glass / Leather collar and a 24...
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Cavalcade Prestige Vase / Limited Edition Of 50
The Maison Daum reveals its exceptional savoir-faire passed down through generations with the launch of the Cavalcade Prestige Vase. This magnificent vase with its impressive height boasts one of the largest vases in the current Daum collection. Mounted on a...
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Blue-Grey Cavalcade Prestige Vase / Limited Edition Of 50
Prestige Cavalcade blue grey Vase Daum prestigious glass creation. This vase of impressive dimensions and finely carved motifs, mounted on a bronze base, is one of the most majestic vases in the Daum collections. From this piece emanates the exceptional...
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Side Table "Cascata"
Instant of a perpetual flow, motionless water in a crystal waterfall. Limited Editionsigned and numbered by the artists, comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Side Table "Cascata": Material: Extra-clear crystal glass. Project assistant: Riccardo Mei Dimensions: Height 620 mm, Width 360 mm,  Length...
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Chaise Longue "Golem"
Amorphous material devoid of soul, devoid of emotions, of life. This sculpture takes shape from the ancient legend, a mass of shapeless steel, like a mountain capable of transmitting stillness but also a deep sense of respect, because now it...
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Sculpture Ferrari "312B"
The inspiration comes from the story of the legendary racing car of Maranello, the Ferrari 312B. Limited Editionsigned and numbered by the artists, comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Sculpture Ferrari "312B": Material: Carrara marble Dimensions: Height 600 mm,  Ø 1800...
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