Wine Decanter No Drop Effect, Gold Rush
GOLD RUSH stands for modern opulence. Gold Rush: numerous table accessories from the Eisch glassworks were infected by a real gold fever - and now present themselves in the luxuriously exclusive robe of a 24-carat real gold coating. This was carefully...
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Wine Decanter On stainless steel base No Drop effect
Decanted Edition 1 No Drop effect on stainless steel base Red wines, especially when they are young, can significantly improve their aroma through contact with the oxygen in the air. For this purpose there are decanters and ducks into which you...
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Wine Decanter On Wooden Base, No Drop Effect
With its elaborate shape combined with a simple, modern base made of walnut-shaped wood, the high-quality decanter WOOD EDITION is an expression of pure wine culture. NO DROP EFFEKT Volume 0.75 L H 420 mm In order to emphasize the structure...
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Wine Decanter On Wooden Base, No Drop Effect
The hand-blown decanter carafe WOOD EDITION is made of high-quality crystal glass and has a base made of pear wood, which is cut, glued and hand-turned in Germany. Thanks to the harmonious unity between the wooden base and the glass, wine...
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Wine Decanter, No Drop Effect
Classic and proven shape, high-quality Eisch processing: this first-class decanting carafe will completely delight even discerning wine connoisseurs. This decanter has a classic shape but has one decisive plus: the bottom is curved upwards. The carafe can be easily gripped from below...
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Wine Thermometer
This accessory helps you to measure the temperature of a red wine that has already been placed in the decanter. The thermometer can be flexibly adapted to different vessel sizes. It does not close the decanter, so the wine can continue to...
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